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Skin Changes That You Should Not Ignore

It is normal for children’s skin to change as they age. They can also get scrapes, wounds and blisters along the way. However, it is tough to know when it is necessary to see a doctor for their skin conditions.

There are certain skin conditions that you should not ignore. Once apparent, you should take your child to the pediatric dermatologist as soon as possible if you notice any of the following:

Changing Mole: Call your pediatric dermatologist if you see a mole on your child that bleeds, changes color or grows. Also, take note of the ABCD rule regarding melanoma, or skin cancer. Call the doctor immediately if your child’s moles are asymmetric, have fuzzy or indistinct borders, have two or more colors or having a diameter bigger than a pencil eraser.

Skin Infection: A red, warm cut with yellow pus is indicative of an infection. Seek an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist who will clean the cut with the slightest possibility of scarring.

Blisters and Fever: If these two accompany each other, it could be a serious problem; more so if the child has ten or more blisters. Let a doctor rule out the possibility of serious infection or other problems.

Dry, Itchy Skin: Having dry, itchy skin behind the knees or in the arm’s bend is usually a symptom of eczema, which results from dryness and sensitivity of one’s skin. Prescription meds, topical corticosteroids and nonsteroid cream can reduce the itching and rid the skin of eczema.

Acne: Though it is not life-threatening, acne can be devastating to your child’s self-esteem. See a dermatologist early to prevent an acne breakout or scarring.


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